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Lefkos Kyriacou

Lefkos Kyriacou qualified as an architect in 2005 and currently lives in London where he works as a project architect at Cottrell + Vermeulen. During his work in architectural practice he has worked on projects for a variety of educational, community and religious client bodies and built work he has completed includes a new addition and refurbishment to All Souls Church in Harlesden (at Cottrell + Vermeulen - 2006), the Kilburn Grange Sure Start (at Meadowcroft Griffin – 2005) and the Sydney Russell Children’s Centre in Barking (at Cottrell + Vermeulen - 2007).

Lefkos’ interest in divided cities developed whilst taking his Diploma in Architecture at the University of Cambridge, where he wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Wendy Pullan on the topography of contact and conflict in Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus.
Since 2005, Lefkos has worked as a researcher for Conflict in Cities. His primary responsibility is the organisation and production of the visual material for the project - this includes photographs, maps and drawings of the sites of study. Lefkos has taken part in several fieldtrips to Jerusalem, where site studies he has carried out make an important contribution to the visual material he produces.

Lefkos holds an MA and Diploma in Architecture from the University of Cambridge and is registered as an architect with the ARB.




Principal Investigator

Dr Wendy Pullan
Architecture, University of Cambridge (Jerusalem)

Prof James Anderson
Geography, Queen's University Belfast (Belfast)
Prof Mick Dumper
Politics, University of Exeter (Jerusalem)
Prof Liam O'Dowd
Sociology, Queen's University Belfast (Belfast)

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Dr Britt Baillie
Architecture, University of Cambridge (Jerusalem)
Dr Craig Larkin
Politics, University of Exeter (Jerusalem)
Lefkos Kyriacou
Architecture, University of Cambridge (Jerusalem)
Dr Milena Komarova
Sociology, Queens University Belfast
Dr Martina McKnight
Sociology, Queens University Belfast

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Dr Britt Baillie
Architecture, University of Cambridge (Jerusalem)

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