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Dr Martina McKnight

I completed my PhD in Queen’s University Belfast in 2007. A central element of my PhD research involved studying gender relations and identities within academia, using Queen’s University Belfast as a case study. In doing so I sought to move beyond a narrow focus on gender differentials and numerical representation, to a wider exploration of gender, within the context of changing social and academic cultures, while considering the role that regional location and culture played.  I am a qualified Adult Literacy teacher and I have worked in a voluntary capacity with people aged 16+ with diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, motivations and educational abilities to help them improve their reading, writing and communication skills.

My research interests include feminist theory and methodology, gender and work, identity, choice and reflexivity in late modernity and equality and social inclusion.



Principal Investigator

Dr Wendy Pullan
Architecture, University of Cambridge (Jerusalem)

Prof James Anderson
Geography, Queen's University Belfast (Belfast)
Prof Mick Dumper
Politics, University of Exeter (Jerusalem)
Prof Liam O'Dowd
Sociology, Queen's University Belfast (Belfast)

Research Associates

Dr Britt Baillie
Architecture, University of Cambridge (Jerusalem)
Dr Craig Larkin
Politics, University of Exeter (Jerusalem)
Lefkos Kyriacou
Architecture, University of Cambridge (Jerusalem)
Dr Milena Komarova
Sociology, Queens University Belfast
Dr Martina McKnight
Sociology, Queens University Belfast

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Dr Britt Baillie
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