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Working Papers Series

no.30                                                                                                                                                 Lefkos Kyriacou                                                                                                                            Football Frontiers: Competition and Conflict in Belfast

no. 29
Edward Randall
Reconstruction and Fragmentation in Beirut

no. 28
Milena Komarova and Martina McKnight
The Digital Eye in Conflict Management: Doing Visual Ethnography in Contested Urban Space

no. 27 Student Essay
Paula Gourley
Refections on a Belfast Bus Tour

no. 26 Student Essay
Philip Rea
How Useful is it to Understand Belfast as a Global City?

no. 25
Britt Baillie
Vukovar's Divided Memory: The Reification of Ethnicity through Memorialisation

no. 24
Huma Haider
Initiatives and Obstacles to Reintegration in Divided Communities: UNHCR's Imagine Coexistance Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

no. 23
Chiara De Cesari
Cultural Governmentality: Government Through Heritage Conservation in Old Hebron

no. 22
Dirk Schubotz and Paula Devine
Segregation Preferences of 16-year Olds in Northern Ireland.
What Difference Does Urban Living Make?

no. 21
Yair Wallach
Shared Space in pre-1948 Jerusalem? Integration, Segregation and Urban Space through the Eyes of Justice Gad Frumkin

no. 20
Siún Carden
Post-conflict Belfast ‘sliced and diced’: The case of the Gaeltacht Quarter

Wendy Pullan and Max Gwiazda
The Development of Modern Sacred Geography: Jerusalem's Holy Basin

James Anderson
Democracy, Territoriality and Ethno-National Conflict: A Framework for Studying Ethno-Nationally Divided Cities Part II

Audra Mitchell and Liam Kelly
"Walking" with de Certeau in North Belfast: Agency and Resistance in a Conflicted City

Mick Dumper
'Two-State Plus': The Binationalism Debate and the Future of Jerusalem

Lisa Smyth and Martina McKnight
The Everyday Dynamics of Belfast's 'Neutral' City Centre: Maternal Perspectives

Guy Baeten
Territorialising Brussels: Belgian Devolution and the Spatial Conundrum of a Biingual Capital

Dominic Bryan
Negotiating Civic Space in Belfast or The Tricolour: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Mick Dumper and Craig Larkin
Political Islam in Contested Jerusalem: The Emerging Role of Islamists from within Israel

Lisa Symth
Gender and Public Space in Divided Cities: Dynamics of everyday urban life

Liam O'Dowd and Milena Komarova
Regeneration in a Contested City: A Belfast case study

Michael Kerr
Power-sharing and Research in Divided Socities: A rough guide to collecting evidence in Belfast and Beirut

Craig Larkin
Reconstructing and Deconstructing Beirut: Space, Memory and Lebanese Youth

Jon Calame and Amir Pasic
Post-conflict reconstruction in Mostar: Cart before the Horse

Wendy Pullan and Maximilian Gwiazda
Jerusalem's 'City of David': The Politicisation of Urban Heritage

Brendan Murtagh
New Spaces and Old in ‘Post-Conflict’ Belfast

Mick Dumper
The Multiple Borders of Jerusalem: Policy implications for the future of the city

Milena Komarova
Shared Space in Belfast and the Limits of A Shared Future

Mick Dumper and Craig Larkin
The Politics of Heritage and the Limitations of International Agency in Divided Cities: The role of UNESCO in Jerusalem's Old City

James Anderson
From Empires to Ethno-National Conflicts: A framework for studying 'divided cities' in 'contested states' Part 1

Overview of the Working Paper Series and Notes for Contributors

This peer-reviewed, electronic Series provides a quick outlet for 'work in progress’ by the Project team, and for invited papers by others.

The Series is firstly a focus for the ongoing research of team members - for preparatory work, initial findings, and later for first drafts of specific Project publications. It encompasses multi-disciplinary contributions on Belfast, Jerusalem and other divided cities; and more general or theoretical contributions on ethno-national conflict and territorial and other divisions in urban settings. It can be used for interventions in current public or policy debates if and when appropriate.

It also publishes papers first presented in Project workshops, whether by team members or by invited participants; and papers on topics of relevance to the Project which others will be invited to contribute.

All papers are sent to at least two referees. Authors get constructive feedback and the Series allows relatively speedy dissemination of work to a wide potential readership.

With revisions, the papers may be published subsequently in other publication formats such as journal articles or book chapters. All invited contributors retain full copyright of their work.

The views expressed in Working Papers are those of the respective contributors and are not necessarily those of the Editors or the wider Project team.

The papers are available online in pdf format and can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat Reader [click here for free download].

Further notes for contributors

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ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Prof Mick Dumper, Prof Liam O'Dowd and Dr Wendy Pullan

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